Geological Advisor - Stavanger, Norway

at Carin Energy
Location Stavanger, Norway
Date Posted December 1, 2016
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Geological Advisor

Stavanger – Salary Competitive with Benefits

Company: Capricorn Energy plc Job Title: Geological Advisor Line manager: Area Manager Exploration/UKN Region Exploration Manager Type of contract: Permanent Location: Stavanger, Norway Department: UK & Norway

Role summary

  • To work, without supervision and only occasional guidance, within any exploration, development, new ventures or functional team (with a high level broad technical experience in many basins & settings), to describe and evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of operated & non-operated Cairn acreage and new ventures (invariably leading at least one project and possibly leading a team).  Concurrently filling in any gaps in necessary geological & geophysical skills & experience, and possibly developing specialities, in order to progress to a more senior role.
  •  A company-wide technical resource & influence, with an expert level in multiple areas.  Depending on whether the geoscientist is more geologically or more geophysically oriented by background, training & experience, the balance between tasks assigned and expected skills will change accordingly

Areas of responsibilititity

  • To realise the hydrocarbon potential of assigned acreage by finding hydrocarbons in commercial quantities or divesting acreage through relinquishment, farm down, asset sale, etc. This involves primarily leading projects and often teams, or otherwise contributing as a team member, on :-
  •  Evaluating company’s existing acreage positions.
  •  Identifying new venture opportunities in the vicinity of assigned acreage.
  • Generating leads and maturing them to prospects with ALARP risk levels prior to drilling.
  • Planning and implementing field and seismic surveys and exploration drilling operations.
  • Providing technically sound recommendations to the Asset Exploration Manager and to QA/QC and management teams.
  • Technical evaluation with occasional guidance primarily from asset management, and in consultation with appropriate specialist(s) from Exploration function, and acting as a company-wide technical resource.  Duties may involve:-
  • Identification and mapping of seismic sequences, geomorphologies and geobodies on 2D and 3D seismic data.
  • Seismic-well ties.
  • 2D and 3D seismic interpretation horizon and fault interpretation, gridding and mapping.
  • Petroleum systems analysis.
  • Preparation of basin and play fairway, GDE and CRS maps and sections.
  • AVO and other attribute analysis.
  • Rock physics modelling and fluid substitution.
  • Prospect and lead generation, volumetrics and risk assessment.
  • Collation/Integration of data from multiple sources and map creation.
  • Integration of 3rd party geological/geophysical studies into interpretation
  • Working with other geoscientists on integration of potential fields, CSEM, geochemical, petrophysical and other data and new technologies into interpretation.
  • Working with petrophysicists to evaluate logs and samples and integrate this work with other geological and geophysical data into comprehensive evaluations.
  • Working with other departmental specialists, such as structural geology, basin modelling, visualisation and operations geology/geophysics.
  • Database maintenance for self and others as instructed (Paradigm, GIS, Documentum etc,).
  • Written and verbal reporting and appropriate presentations.
  • Input to and delivery of exploration documents, including but not limited to: - regional & block evaluations (including new ventures), well & seismic design & proposals, post-well/seismic evaluations, relinquishment proposals & reports, as appropriate.
  • Sample analysis planning and implementation.
  • At this level, usually working multiple projects.
  •  Often leading project(s), or even leading an entire team; invariably mentoring more junior staff in most areas of individual discipline.
  •  Role is likely to involve frequent business travel on behalf of the company, often on an individual basis.

Operating Network (Internal/External Stakeholders):

  • Daily interaction with Team members and frequent interaction with specialists from Exploration function.
  • Frequent interaction with other Departments (e.g. Commercial, Engineering, Drilling, IM); also with senior management
  • Asset Team meetings and networking
  • Presentations to partners at TCM’s, and at peer reviews/ etc.
  • Interaction with contractors, 3rd parties, academics and consultants; such meetings will often be instigated by the holder of this role.

Skills/Experience Required


  • Good Geological/Geophysical degree, preferably Masters and/or Ph.D.

Relevant experience

  • Significant and broad experience in an operating Exploration & Production company as a Geoscientist.
  • Field and/or well-site experience advantageous but not critical.
  • Ideally broad and world-wide experience in geological & geophysical evaluation across different phases of activity i.e. new ventures, operations,  P&L inventory/evaluation, wildcat exploration, brown field exploration, appraisal and production, but also experience at the frontier and new play generation phase and demonstrable history of success in this area.
  • Experience in coaching and mentoring diverse technical teams and leading complex projects.
  • Whilst technically focussed, has demonstrable business & commercial understanding and understands the entrepreneurial mind set.
  • Second experience

Behavioral competencies

  • Be Safe
  • Be Focused
  • Be Open
  • Be Collaborative
  • Be a Leader
  • Be Empowered
  • Be Entrepreneurial
  • Second competency
  • Third competency

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