Exploration Geologists in Ahmadi, Kuwait

at Schlumberger
Location Ahmadi, Kuwait
Date Posted May 24, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


The Exploration Geologist is a multi-disciplinary integrator working in the areas of Geology with knowledge of Geophysics, Geochemistry, Risk Analysis and Exploration Economics and belongs to the SETC. He/She should be able to work in a wide variety of projects including single well interpretation, exploratory play evaluation, integrated reservoir studies and field development planning. Although geologic skills are the most necessary aspect of this position, knowledge of static model construction, geophysics, petrophysics, basin analysis and Schlumberger logging tools and various software is important. He/She should be able to analyze market trends and developments of the exploration functions to provide input to SLB strategy across Product Lines.

Relationships: Supervisor: Technical Team Lead /Sub-Product Line Operations Manager / Country Field Operations Manager /GMKT Operations Manager /Project Manager

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

The Exploration Geologist works on projects for clients with the objective of conducting wide range of activities from play identification to drilling and post-well evaluation, managing appropriate resources and delivering the products on time with the required technical standards.
Should understand the interaction/overlap with other disciplines/multi-projects for clients with the objective to offer suitable risked opportunities in pre-established areas adding reserves and/or energy resources.
In a Project, leads development of client solutions coupled to the Exploration Cycle Time.
Makes independent studies, analysis, interpretations and conclusions.
Has good knowledge in conventional (oil and gas) exploration, unconventional exploration (heavy oil, tight gas, coal bed methane, shale oil/gas and clathrates) and ground water.
Should be well acquainted with the Petroleum Systems Analysis emphasizing aspects:
In geology, should have knowledge of stratigraphy, sedimentary petrology, structural geology, tectonics and mapping techniques.
In geophysics, must know different geophysical methods (potential fields, heat flow, and remote sensing) and have a good knowledge of seismic (acquisition, processing and interpretation).
Should understand and integrate geochemistry analysis (inorganic, organic, kinematics and basin modeling).
Would train and support clients in applying the software functionality to their interpretation needs as well as help Next on technical training.
In a Geomarket, leads development of client solutions.
Induces the customer to incorporate new technologies developed by Schlumberger for energy/ground water exploration.
Identifies technical solutions that are clearly relevant to client needs and impact SLB business.
Helps evaluating new services and techniques under field test
Establishes a good network with key clients as well as local professional society and academia.
Offers technical guidance to the clients on various topics of oil exploration in order to have a link between Schlumberger and the oil companies.
Organizes client seminars, understands and catalogues client needs and implements solutions
Represents the Organization at Service Quality meetings, forums and conferences
Provides active mentoring to the Geomarket technical community, exploration geoscientists and/or technicians assigned to work on a common project.
Complies with applicable company policies, including Personnel, Quality System and Health, Safety and Environment standards and procedures
Successfully complete required safety training
Employees may be assigned other duties, in addition to or in place of those described above, and any duties are subject to change at any time, according to the needs of the location or Company

Qualifications and Experience:

Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree or other higher Degree in Engineering or Pure or Applied Science. Preferred MSc or MA in Geology (areas of specialization included petroleum geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology and structure)
Minimum 15 years of related experience predominantly as Exploration Geologist.

Competencies to be kept current:
Problem Solving
- Deep understanding in hydrocarbon system analysis applied to the identification of economic exploration opportunities in different geological settings.
- Advanced ability to validate structural, stratigraphic and charge models.
- Multidisciplinary integration capabilities of information in the definition of economics exploration opportunities.
- Strategic approach to using the most suitable technology for exploration projects
- Be able to assemble exploration portfolio and exploration campaigns.
- Knowledge and handling of the cycle time activities in exploration.
- Advanced knowledge in risk and uncertainty assessments for exploration.
- Good understanding of the hydrocarbon business in order to identify viable exploration projects.
- Develops new approaches to enable others to resolve similar problems in the field of expertise.
- Uses conceptual skills to tackle problems which have not been addressed before.

- Contributes to the team/area to optimum performance levels through leadership abilities
- Establishes goals in order to meet objectives.
- Provides strategic direction and support to area.
- Advanced mentoring skills

- Inspires belief in/or commitment to an idea/concept by confidently and articulately communicating a vision (Inspirational presenter able to cope with any audience and adapt presentation on the move).
- Expert oral and written communication skills: Regularly consults senior management or executive levels on matters concerning areas. Requires the ability to change the thinking of and gain acceptance of other in sensitive situations
- Ability to negotiate effectively with customers, contractors, and competitors
- Customer oriented, actively communicates with peers, internal and/or external customers to ensure service level exceeds expectations.

Cross Discipline
- Advanced understanding of how other disciplines interact with own, leads contributions within other disciplines for increased synergy
- Ability to analyze area in the identification of risks and methods of applying company strategy.
- Advanced understanding of and practice of the principles of Quality Management
- Advanced understanding of the company's strategy and how own role, project and/or department fits in
- Advanced understanding of own Product Line's range of services & products, and the relationship to other parts of OFS/WG.
- Knows strengths, competitive advantage and position in market place
- Actively participates in Oil & Gas E&P forums, symposiums, etc.
- Promotes standards & develops procedures to improve quality
- Is familiar with the way our customers work and can apply this to deliver improvements of commercial benefit to SLB
- Keeps track of the competition so that the benefit can respond to changes
- Carries out strategic management of multiple projects; identifies and anticipates future business-wide projects and adopts plans accordingly

Managing the Assigned Tasks
- Has advanced functional and technical skills required to do the job.
- Capable of setting of own and team's objectives and identifies key requirements.
- Balances priorities & interfaces with internal/external customers & stakeholders to ensure expectations are met.
- Able to identify, assess & manage risk effectively in a project based environment.
- Develops plans & critical paths for complex projects.
- Co-ordinates and liaises between projects which involve cross-disciplinary resources, monitoring a number of different projects at different stages of the project cycle, and checking achievements to key milestones. Ensures objectives are achieved within budget.

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.

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