Executive (Geophysics) in Bangi, Malaysia

at Petronas
Location Bangi, Malaysia
Date Posted July 2, 2018
Category Geophysicist
Job Type Permanent


? Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Geoscience. A professional qualification or advanced degree would be an advantage.
? At least 7 - 9 years of experience in oil and gas exploration, development and production activities.
? Possess good understanding of upstream operational requirements, value drivers and role of technology in achieving upstream business success.
? Good awareness of subsurface technologies such as in the field of geoscience, petrophysics, drilling, production technology and reservoir engineering.
? Possess excellent soft skills in decision making, relationship building, communication and networking.
Job Purpose
Plan, implement and validate geophysical program through established work process by performing geophysical studies, application of cost effective technologies and providing solution during field lifecycle phases of development, production and abandonment in order to support economic and sustainable development and production of high carbon dioxide (CO2) and high contaminants fields.
Key Accountabilities
1. Technology Development
? Plan, monitor and review geophysical technology advancement by studying and assessing in-house technology research and development, technology collaboration with partners, acquisition, outsourcing and benchmarking to ensure continuous availability of matured, cost effective and cutting edge technology solution to support economic and sustainable development and production of high CO2 and high contaminants fields.
2. Geological Evaluation
? Plan and implement detail geophysical evaluation, interpretation, mapping, time to depth conversion, geo-seismic structural cross-section, seismic attribute analysis inclusive of seismic inversion and time-lapse data by integrating and collaborating available geological and geophysical data, petrophysical, reservoir engineering results and documentation to understand regional geology, structural style, reservoir architecture, heterogeneity and hydrocarbon distribution in order to accurately prepare field appraisal and development well planning to support economic and sustainable development and production of high CO2 and high contaminants fields.
3. Reservoir Geological Modeling
? Design and perform geophysical modeling work by generating depth structure map, fault sticks and/or polygons, seismic attributes and quantitative interpretation results and integrating the petrophysical and reservoir engineering results in order to understand reservoir compartmentalization, distribution, properties, quality and provide accurate resource assessment and input to reservoir simulation for optimizing well placing and maximizing recovery in a timely and cost effective manner.
4. Field Data Acquisition and Planning
? Plan, design and supervise geophysical data acquisition such as seismic and borehole seismic data acquisition and processing by identifying the existing geological uncertainty and evaluate the value of information to be obtained from the additional data in order to mitigate and manage the geological uncertainties for optimum field evaluation, development plan and reservoir management plan.
5. Capability, Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management
? Execute capability and knowledge management in geophysical discipline through development and implementation of internal procedures and also utilization of enterprise content management (ECM) to ensure retention of valuable knowledge towards establishment of institutionalized capability, exploitation of intellectual properties and providing competitive advantage in venturing into high CO2 and high contaminants gas fields globally.

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