Corporate Reserves Planner — London, UK

at Sasol
Location London, United Kingdom
Date Posted September 28, 2015
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 15


Position Summary Purpose of Job /Role Intent:

-To contribute to the Form 20-F Disclosures process and the E&P Resource Management process by ensuring fit for purpose analysis, modelling, documentation and reporting for all assets globally with Reserves and other assets as required.
- To perform entitlement and SMOG modelling on all assets globally with Reserves
- To ensure all entitlement and SMOG modelling is fit for purpose
- To ensure all entitlement and SMOG tools have been subject to appropriate external assurance
- To perform the relevant roles as prescribed by the Resource Management code of practice

Core Elements of Job &Key Performance Indicators:

1. Perform Specialist activities using documented processes, workflows, tools and best practices to provide consistent, high-quality deliverables to support the Resources Management and Form 20-F Disclosures processes. With the core team analyse, calculate, assure and report on 1P Reserves (2P and 3P Reserves when appropriate) and other Resource Estimates as required.
Responsible for calculating all disclosed Reserves, together with the associated SMOG tables.
Contribute to the CResT report to Exco on a half yearly basis (mid and end year)
2. Team Work, willingness to discuss method and results, openness to other opinions, ability to assimilate, decide and convince.
Collaborate in integrated analysis, model-building and calibration. Participate in CResT to recommend solutions to business problems as needed.
Share knowledge and skills with CResT leader and team members
Interact collaboratively with Asset representatives to ensure that information is obtained in a timely manner and that each asset is modelled appropriately.
3. Creation of standards, research into new methods.
Construct, own, operate and maintain the RREM tools for each asset as required. The RREM tools are to be fit for purpose and in line with industry best practice.
Arrange external auditing of the RREMs as and when required.
Keep up to date with industry developments in the field of asset valuation and entitlement calculation.
Develop and document principles and guidelines to be used in entitlement and SMOG modelling.
4. Training & coaching
Participate in training E&PI staff in Resources Management
Educate other team members as and when they rotate in and out of CResT
5.) Compliance
Demonstrate appropriate alignment with Sasol values, including SH&E.
Compliance with applicable standards.
Adherence to Performance Agreement Job Requirements Minimum Qualifications and Experience required:

Required entry Years of relevant experience:
- Minimum of 15 years experience in Upstream Oil & Gas Industry, strong background in Economic Modelling with past experience in Asset Valuations.
- Proficient knowledge of SEC and IFRS regulations and disclosure requirements
- Proficient knowledge of Resource maturation concepts and processes
- Advanced knowledge of oil and gas industry business framework
- Expert knowledge of oil and gas property valuation methods Personal Attributes Leadership Competencies: One-Sasol mindset Business acumen Embraces teamwork and collaboration Demonstrates customer focus Nurtures and coaches Builds partnerships Develops self Functional Competencies Reservoir Engineering Petroleum Engineering Geology/Geophysics Facilities engineering Economics Finance

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