Consultant Reservoir Engineer — Abu Dhabi

at CBS Butler
Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted September 28, 2015
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Contract
Min. Years Experience Required 15


Job Title : Reservoir Engineering Specialist (Management & Simulation)

Highly skilled to provide expert advice to higher Management on fields development concept under emerging technology and innovative methods.

Work in advanced best reservoir management practice, monitoring and surveillance programs and assessment of simulation results to optimize full field development plans prior management approval.

Qualified to review and introduce new applications with different EOR/IOR methods including assessment of production performance schemes under injection of Water, Gas, CO2, N2, WAG and ESP.

Advises higher Management on current and future R&D activities, including the identifications and recommendations of EOR methods and projects where research can be initiated for field implementation.

Examines and reviews various reservoir study reports, and recommends actions/techniques to improve the field development plans and data gathering programs and to ensure proper implementation of customer's objectives and reservoir guidelines.

Represent customer in meetings and task forces with other operators, interest holders, consultants and service companies to discuss reservoir issues and solutions.

Work on new reservoir technology to reserve customer's hydrocarbon reserves, and maintains an external perspective on reservoir technology and lead peer reviews of customer's processes and studies to ensure best practice implementation, knowledge transfer and learning.

Work to be performed

a) Experience gained to initiate work plans/programs on EOR studies to apply developed recovery processes and to develop new recovery systems to enhance economical recovery to more than 70%.
b) Proven skills to provide discussion on lab studies results, field pilots' assessment, and research programs to develop new technology and/or apply developed technology.
c) Lesson learnt from previous work to make recommendations aimed to improve reservoir management and ensure quality reservoir characterization and simulation studies for the customer's use.
d) Skills and experience gained to recommend long terms plans under production schemes of IOR & EOR methods (Water, Gas, CO2, N2 and WAG).
e) Experience to prepare technical standards and procedures for reservoir management, integrated reservoir characterization/simulation studies, development planning and optimization of development plans.
f) Monitors the optimal implementation of operators' Business Plans and advises customer's management accordingly.
g) Advises on the optimum long-term development and production plans for hydrocarbon reservoirs for strategic purposes.
h) Conducts special studies and special development works/projects to leverage division's performance delivery through promoting innovation best practice and development program.
i) Participates in the development of an integrated model for Full Field Development Plan to ensure integration of the key processes of Development Studies in alignment with customer's E&P technical guidelines and Industry best practices.
j) Participates in integrated FFDP technical review meetings in order to ensure that all Full Field Development Studies and Plans are frequently reviewed and meet the business objective targets as identified by the customer's Business Plan.
k) Maintains close interaction with other team members to ensure that a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary approach is followed in all reservoir engineering studies.
l) Attends leadership meetings in order to ensure awareness and provide expert advice to senior management for continuous assessment and application of technical developments in the industry.
Independence of operation

Reports to Managers of Reservoir Engineering Departments and Division. Work accomplishments are subject to review by Manager, Reservoir Engineering Division.

Supervise new and experienced engineers and carry out studies as defined by management.

Minimum Requirements

a) University degree in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent, Ph.D. is recommended.
b) 15 years' experience in different disciplines of petroleum engineering of which 10 years should be in reservoir development including 5 years in advisory capacity.
c) Fluent in English, preparing reports & highly skilled in communication

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