Computational Geoscientist (419305) in Houston, United States

at Aramco Services Company
Location Houston, United States
Date Posted April 24, 2019
Category Geophysicist
Job Type Permanent


Our Houston Research Center focuses on research and innovation in geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, production technology, drilling, and sensors development to advance the discovery and recovery of oil and gas. Located in Houston's Energy Corridor, the center neighbors the nation's leading petroleum engineering universities, labs, manufacturers, and service companies.
Basic Function:
This position provides high-level technical analysis, guidance and innovation to the solution of Exploration, Technology or Reservoir Characterization problems. Candidate will perform research with a multidisciplinary team to develop directions in multi-scale computational geoscience research with a strong emphasis on numerical modelling of sediment transport at reservoir and basin scales.
Duties & Responsibilities:
Pursue research and maintain awareness of novel developments in numerical simulations related to constructing accurate geologic subsurface models to understand the geological structure, rock characteristics and the likely distribution of oil/gas/mineral-bearing strata
Use broad knowledge and experience in numerical modelling to guide research related to areas including sediment transport
Develop in-house numerical models from scratch using programming languages suited for scientific computing (C++/Python), as well as utilize existing scientific packages (e.g. Comsol) to build model prototypes
Link numerical modelling to integrated research efforts that may include but are not limited to unconventional resources, hydrocarbon systems evaluation, source-rock analysis, reservoir quality, environments of deposition, reactive transport modeling
Work with commercial vendors for acquisition, support and upgrades of computational equipment
Interface with external institution(s) for outsourced analyses and collaborative research as appropriate
Use computational skills to support the evaluation of geological data in an area, and prepare and make presentations to management or the government, illustrating different geologic problems and presenting conclusions or recommendations that have a high probability of improving results or resolving those problems
Prepare written reports on geological or computational procedures or activities, where an expert judgment is required to evaluate potential applications to Saudi Aramco exploration objectives
Undertake or direct specialized studies on applied research or specific problems leading to new Exploration, Technology or Reservoir Characterization concepts
Act as a technical advisor, provide highly-experienced counsel and direction to other geoscientists, apply the techniques of their specialized field in the various studies and research projects in progress
Consult with Geological management and Company geologists on the effectiveness of methods being employed by Exploration, and make recommendations for improvement where appropriate
Function as an advisor in computational geoscience or representative of Aramco Services Company (ASC) at conferences or meetings held with technical representatives of geological contractors, competitor companies, research institutions, academic laboratories and with leaders in field of specialty
Represent ASC at outside meetings that discuss complex problems, when decisions are being arrived at concerning future approaches and directions of investigation
Constantly keep up to date in specialized discipline by reading technical journals and attending technical society sessions to ensure all recent developments are used in Saudi Aramco's Exploration Organization
Prepare and make presentations to management, for the company and government agencies, if warranted, illustrating different geologic problems, results and conclusions
Perform the administrative functions required to implement the studies and research assigned to candidates discipline
Perform other related duties as assigned
Education and Experience:
Bachelor's degree in Geology or a related science required; graduate study in a specialized discipline of Geology, a related science or other extended special training is desirable; advanced degree preferred
Seven to nine (7-9) years of experience; candidate must be highly regarded and accepted as an expert in their principle discipline by their peer group.
Must have extensive experience in writing custom software for numerical simulations using C++, Fortran or Python
Must have knowledge of the physics of depositional processes
Must have thorough knowledge of general techniques for solving partial differential equations, both grid-based (finite element, finite volume) and grid-free (SPH)
Must have knowledge of various approaches to writing parallel code (OpenMP, MPI, CUDA); experience in developing visualization software with OpenGL, VTK or Mayavi would be preferred
Must be knowledgeable of modeling applications for the oil and gas industry and be current in established industry practices and the views of industry/academic thought leaders in the field
Track record of publications in peer-reviewed journals strongly preferred
Supplementary skills in the area of statistics and uncertainty analysis are desired; knowledge of methods for statistical inference from data is beneficial
Must be able to communicate and comprehend both orally and in writing, accurately, clearly and concisely in English at the high level required to perform the job as outlined
Must be knowledgeable of relevant industry practices including scientific and economic principles, calculation methods, design details, and codes, standards and specifications
Must possess good work habits, a strong work ethic, and be able to adhere to company work hours, policies, and standard business etiquette

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