Commercial Principal Reservoir Engineer (Malaysia)

at LR Senergy
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date Posted November 24, 2015
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


Support the development of a sustainable and profitable Global Reservoir Services and Reserves and Asset Evaluation (RAE) business embedding technical and commercial excellence and innovation as building blocks of this business.  Ensure that technical knowledge and expertise is shared across the LR Senergy organisation, and where appropriate with our clients and at an industry level. The ability to add value is underpinned by our understanding of our client’s objectives, achieved by establishing close working relationships


A Commercial Principal Reservoir Engineer will be expert in oil and gas resource and asset evaluation with excellent project management and problem-solving skills. Must have a full appreciation and understanding of the full cycle of oil and gas field development with a working knowledge of integrated projects, uncertainty, risk and project economics.


Primary Function


  • Undertake resource and asset assessments and valuations including resource classifications compliant with PRMS and other recognised standards.
  • Effectively manage multidisciplinary RAE and reservoir engineering (RE) projects with effective cost and time control and internal and client reporting.
  • Prepare costed work schedules and budgets for RAE project proposals for agreement with clients.
  • Establish, maintain and grow client relationships, promoting RAE and general LR Senergy capabilities directly to current and prospective RAE clients
  • Assist in the development of systems and processes to ensure the systematic capture and sharing of knowledge and best technical and commercial practice across the global RAE group
  • Undertake and manage complex reservoir engineering projects
  • Provide expert reservoir engineering peer review / peer assist support to LR Senergy projects globally
  • Develop RE workflows
  • Support the development of RE and RAE within LR Senergy
  • Support others in the implementation of LR Senergy information management standards (SIMS) and QA/QC procedures


Additional Function


  • Active in sustaining and building client relationships and winning new business
  • Active in promoting LR Senergy’s RAE capability and knowledge in the region through the publishing of technical papers, active membership of leading petroleum organisations, international lectures and representation at the industry’s regional technical forums and supporting others to do so
  • Management of projects outside the RE and RAE discipline

Desired Skills and Experience

In addition to demonstrating capability to deliver the activities within the role description above.




Satisfying at least one from either of the following categories:


  • A degree in engineering or a relevant science discipline, such as geology, physics, chemistry or mathematics
  • An MSc in Petroleum Engineering or Reservoir Engineering or a relevant PhD




  • Excellent communications skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent business and commercial skills
  • Good contractual and commercial risk management skills
  • Excellent  written and spoken English


  • Highly skilled or expert in key areas of RAE and reservoir engineering:
    • Resource and asset evaluation and classification using PRMS and other standards
    • Oil and gas field production forecasting using classical reservoir engineering techniques (eg. DCA), material balance modelling and simulation
    • Hydrocarbon recovery mechanisms and recovery factor estimation
    • Field Appraisal and Development Planning
    • Economic modelling and evaluation
    • Well test analysis
    • Specific expertise in specialist areas will also be recognised, e.g. Fluid characterisation, Reservoir simulation, Carbonate reservoir engineering, Carbon capture and storage, Enhanced oil recovery and Unconventional hydrocarbons e.g. coalbed methane, shale oil, tight gas


  • Competence in using industry recognised software such as Eclipse, OFM, MBAL/Prosper/GAP, Petrel RE and Ecrin highly desirable.


  • Able to scope, manage and/or carry out complex RE analyses:
    • As a technical lead in areas of expertise
    • As a project lead in other areas of RE


  • Able to lead the development of technical solutions and standards
  • Mentoring
  • Capable of delivering a technical training course
  • Assisting with personnel evaluations, recruitment and resource planning in support of manager




  • Flexible in support of LR Senergy’s business
  • Committed to sharing knowledge with others in LR Senergy and working to assist them in doing the same
  • Supporting the wider development of RE in LR Senergy
  • Setting and maintaining the highest technical standards
  • Active in external societies e.g. SPE
  • Willing to present papers at industry events and submit publications to technical journals.  Supporting others to do so
  • Active in promoting LR Senergy, developing strong relationships with clients and seeking new opportunities

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