Chief Reservoir Engineer- RPL0084 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

at Dragon Oil
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted January 4, 2018
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


Duties, Responsibilities, Performance Standards & Percentage of Time:
Percentage of Time
Duty or Responsibility
Technical: Oversee the reservoir engineering aspects of dynamic reservoir modeling, reservoir management and field development.
1. Review and oversee subsurface data acquisition and quality control in areas such as fluid sampling, pressure monitoring, transient testing and PVT analysis.
2. Characterize reservoir performance, fluid properties and drive mechanisms based on analysis of pressure and production data.
3. Define the technical scope of field, laboratory and analytical work to be performed in-house and by third parties.
4. Coordinate reservoir simulation and reservoir management activities. Guide the integration of static and dynamic reservoir parameters, and recommend model updates and/or additional data gathering as needed.
5. Assist in identifying prospective well locations as part of the well planning process. Set forth evaluation and testing requirements from a reservoir management perspective.
6. Oversee reviews of reservoir performance trends and approve forecasts of future production.
7. Review and rank proposed reservoir development projects, including improved oil recovery projects, based on results of initial technical, economic and risk evaluations.
8. In consultation with service providers, research new reservoir engineering workflows and technologies and their areas of application in hydrocarbon asset management.
9. Update models with core analysis data and well testing interpretation
10. Prepare and complete PVT data set for producing reservoirs
11. Develop surveillance plan and collect data to ensure maximum reservoir performance
12. Develop reservoir surveillance data in current models.

Operational: Oversee the work of department staff and third-party consultants to achieve objectives consistent with department and corporate goals.

1. Allocate reservoir and petroleum engineering personnel among the operating and nonoperating assets in which Dragon Oil has interests, establishing work priorities and ensuring optimal use of resources.
2. Plan schedules and activities related to reservoir simulation studies and reservoir management activities.
3. Review consultant and contractor proposals for the provision of reservoir engineering services. Provide technical input and recommendations as part of the tendering and selection process, including scope of work, technical evaluation, input for commercial evaluation and review of contractor capabilities.
4. Work with reservoir engineering staff to evaluate simulation software and provide recommendations regarding software requirements.
5. Develop and manage the Field Development Plan (FDP), department operating budget and 5 years business plan.
6. Be aware of budget availability, contribute to the department budget planning process and maintain cost control of project activities within budget constraints.

Control: Policy, procedure and risk mitigation.
1. Maintain compliance with Dragon Oil guidelines and requirements regarding the gathering, quality control, maintenance, storage and retrieval of technical data.
2. Ensure compliance with and proper application of company procedures and internal regulations, including those pertaining to confidential information, and recommend updates as needed.
3. Oversee simulation studies of equipment and processes, ensuring that the appropriate software and technology is in place to support the engineering teams in meeting their objectives.


Liaison and coordination:
1. Participate in the well planning process to ensure that the drilling program meets reservoir management objectives.
2. Provide data and assist in surface facilities network simulations for network system optimizations.
Reporting: Prepare reports in support of department activities.
1. Prepare section reports in a timely and accurate manner to meet company requirements, policies and standards.
2. Provide reports and presentations to internal and external stakeholders as required.
3. Provide management with reservoir engineering input for making field development decisions.

Coaching and mentoring: Actively contribute to the development of staff.
1. Lead and Support department staff in meeting needs for employee training, development and skill gap closure.
2. Coach employees in order to build their skills.
3. Mentor staff to ensure appropriate succession management.


Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent.

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