at Taknia Libya Engineering Company
Location Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Date Posted May 13, 2018
Category Geophysicist
Job Type Permanent



Essential/General Duties and Responsibilities:

· Supervision of the geophysical staff members of Client to ensure an outstanding technical quality of their work and their continuing high performance through proper training programs.
· Overall supervision of field geophysical acquisition, processing, reprocessing and interpretation.
· Integrate the geophysical output with the geological output in cooperation and collaboration with Chief Geologist as well as Reservoir Engineering.
Some Specified Duties and Responsibilities:

· Assist Exploration Manager to achieve Client’s short and long term reserves growth targets.
· Full support to maintain and up-date Client Oil Company portfolio of prospects and leads
· Ensure that the proper G & G resources are in place to adequately address the work of exploration department.
· Fully competent in the role of operational responsibility, technical reviews and audits of exploration and development projects.
· Maintain company's full cycle G&G evaluation of E&P projects from exploration to development.
· Provide technical support to the exploration and development projects, as well as at the maturation execution stage.
· Planning of all geophysical activity within the approved work program and budget for Client acreage and any additional blocks exploration and production blocks acquired by Client.
· Propose ways to improve quality of data and imaging through acquisition parameters, processing and reprocessing of data.
· Supervise and evaluate the mapping and delineation of reservoirs, participate in volumetric and reserves estimations, and provide geosciences support to a fast-paced drilling and development program, new plays assessments.
· The generation of drillable prospects and the elevation of Leads to the Prospect level should always be the ultimate goal of all technical work done within the Exploration Department. Accordingly, an inventory of drillable prospects should always be available for presentation to Client/Owners Management upon request of Management.
· In cooperation with the Chief Geologist, submit complete “Well Proposals/Drilling Recommendations Reports” with appropriate technical presentations to the Exploration Manager for selected wells to be drilled within the Company’s approved program.
· Ensures meeting all deadlines set by Management.
· Making technical presentations, as required by Management, to Client/Owners Management. This includes timely presentation for scheduled ESG’s.
· Responsible for the evaluation of basins, plays and prospects throughout Libya.

· Negotiate data trades, and other commercial functions.
· Peer reviewing within the company and coordinating consultant's work.
· Technical evaluations and planning on future strategies on existing assets and new blocks.

1. M.Sc. required in Geophysics from a reputed University.
2. 20 years or more of Exploration and/or Production experience in oil industry.
3. Familiar with all phases of E & P business.
4. Fully acquainted with the modern Geophysical techniques used in E & P.
5. Strong knowledge in 2D&3D seismic interpretation, acquisition and processing, reservoir characterization, seismic modeling, seismic attributes studies, seismic inversion, potential field methods, structural geology, petroleum geology, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology and depositional environments, petroleum economics.
6. Hands-on experience of developing and exploring structural and stratigraphic traps, exploration in broad-range of tectonic settings, depositional environments, and trapping mechanisms.
7. Strong organizational and communication skills.
8. A proven track record as creative prospect generator and hydrocarbon discoveries.

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