Basic Core Shop Assistant in Luanda, Angola

at Grupo Epalmo
Location Luanda, Angola
Date Posted July 30, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Scope of the SERVICE: The role of the core shop assistant is to guarantee the good management of patrimonial geological material of Total E&P; Angola. The SERVICE consists mainly in performing the following tasks: ? DESIGNEE(S) shall fully comply with TOTAL E&P; Angola HSE rules and procedures and will be pro-active on this matter by participating actively to the "anomaly card" system by reporting all incident or potentially dangerous situation he will have observed. ? Assist the Head of core shop in the geological samples management (cuttings, cores, fluid samples, mud samples, mud gas samples,...) coming from TOTAL E&P; Angola rigs and partners including, the reception, the inventory and the storage of these samples before potential exportation. ? Assist the Head of core shop for the preparation of exportation (including exportation letter redaction) of samples to Total Headquarter, concessionaire and partners facilities. ? Having the necessary autonomy for running standard core shop activities during the Head of core shop absences ? Shall actively participate to the good running and housekeeping of the core shop in every circumstance. ? Participate to Total E&P; Angola internal weekly and monthly reporting of core shop activity. At COMPANY's request, DESIGNEE(S) may perform part / whole of the SERVICE in COMPANY's offices in the country of operations to provide support to COMPANY's operations representative. Software commonly used to provide the SERVICE: DESIGNEE(S) shall have some basics regarding the following software, currently used in the oil industry: Microsoft Office Package is routinely used in all TOTAL S.A. affiliates. Certification in Operation Geology CONTRACTOR shall ensure that CONTRACTOR'S PERSONNEL involved in the performance of the SERVICES have the appropriate Certification Degree in the supervision of operation geology applicable to the SERVICES and to any location where the SERVICES are performed and shall possess the required skills and proficiency in HSE. This Certification shall be delivered by a recognized international organization, which methodology for assessment and certification is approved by COMPANY (currently TOTAL S.A.'s Explo/GTS/COP Service). The Certification shall demonstrate CONTRACTOR'S PERSONNEL appropriate skills and experience in the following critical areas: ? HSE matters, ? Drilling operations, ? Mudlogging supervision, ? Pore pressure evaluation, ? Roles and responsibilities of a Wellsite Geologist or of an office Operation Geologist, ? Data acquisition systems and procedures (logging while drilling, wireline logging, coring, data transmission, etc.)

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