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Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted September 6, 2018
Category Geophysicist
Job Type Permanent



Consultant B

The role and responsibility for Consultant B

Consultant B will be responsible for ensuring that the contractor’s surveying and methods meet COMPANY’s requirements and will work in the Quality Control Team under the leadership of Consultant A.

He will be expected to act as COMPANY’s main Surveying representative in the field. He will support Consultant A in the filing of daily reports. He will support Consultant A to ensure that the seismic survey contractor complies with COMPANY's and the seismic contractor’s own HSE procedures and requirements for the conduct of the survey.

At the end of the survey Consultant B will be expected to produce a joint report on the survey together with Consultants A and D.

In addition to the above general requirements, there follows a list of tasks specifically required to be carried out by Consultant B. However, this list is non-exhaustive and Consultant B will be required to conduct all those duties normally expected as a surveying Consultant and exhibit a great degree of initiative in the pursuit of his work:

Ensuring that the configuration and performance of RTK and DGPS equipment will meet the stated surveying requirements.
Testing the seismic survey contractor’s surveying and equipment to ensure that calibrations been have been correctly carried out and the equipment is performing to the accepted industry and manufacturer’s standards.
Ensuring that all the co-ordinates being used have been calculated or measured using the same datum, spheroid, central meridian etc. and that any maps have been used the same projection. In addition any explicit or implied (e.g. within the contractor’s software) conversions from one system of co-ordinates to another must be checked to ensure proper conversions are made.
Checking the control network and bench marker as required by seismic Contract and industry accepted standards.
Monitoring the various surveying systems and DGPS quality on a continuous basis to ensure that operation is within specification and that the methods being used allow surveying requirements to be met and surveying uncertainty to be reliably calculated, including but not limited to:

Monitoring the accuracy of receiver and source.
Monitoring the surveying data processing to ensure the suitability and accuracy of the methods being used.
Using his own hardware and software to support his work.
Monitoring seismic data quality whilst the seismic QC representative is unavailable.

Requirement for Consultant B

Due to the complex nature of the survey an experienced surveying Quality Control representative is required and must include but not limited to the following requirements:

Extensive experience and expertise of the surveying of 3D and 2D seismic survey is essential.
Experience in the use of quality control hardware and software to monitor surveying data quality is essential such that the Consultant may monitor the work performed by seismic survey contractor.
A minimum of 8 years’ experience of quality control of the surveying of 3D seismic surveys (3-4 years shall have been on land 3D seismic surveys).
Previous experience of working in the Arabian Gulf would be desirable but is not essential. The normal language used in COMPANY is English. So an English speaker is essential.
Experience of using on-site surveying processing both to monitor data quality and to produce final trace co-ordinates is essential.
The ability to use a PC to produce reports in Word and Excel format is desirable.

Consultant A: Seismic Acquisition Quality Control Team Leader / Expert in 3D Multi-mode
Seismic Operation Work
Consultant B : 3D Multi-mode Seismic Position and Navigation Quality Control Expert
Consultant C : 3D Multi-mode 3D Seismic Acquisition Health & Safety Expert
Consultant G: Data Processing Specialist

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